Stages of consultancy

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Stages of consultancy:

1. Project identification (only for private initiative)

  • Identifying opportunities for intervention through agreements of Public-Private Partnership

2. Assistance in setting up an enterprise group

3. Operation set up

  •  Coordination and task scheduling
  •  Strategic advice in preparing the proposal

4. Legal assistance

  •  Risk analysis and drafting of the risk matrix
  •  Analysis and preparation of the penalties matrix
  •  Legal and administrative risk analysis and preparation of the agreement scheme
  •  Assistance in the contracts between the parties

5 . Economic and financial evaluation of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project

  •  Data Collection
  • Preliminary “Economic and Financial Plan”
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Final “Economic and Financial Plan”
  • Drafting of the report to the Economic and Financial Plan, document to be attached to the offer, which makes explicit the main economic and financial inputs and outputs of the operation
  • “Economic and Financial Plan” asseveration as required by current legislation

6. Support in the negotiations with the Public Administration (only for private initiative)

  • Assistance in dealing with the public administration
  • Economic and financial consulting and consequent documentation update
  • Legal consulting and subsequent updating of the documentation

7. Assistance during the public tender (only for private initiative)