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The availability contract

The contract of availability allows a private entity to modify or construct his own real property in order to allocating it to a public service. The private entity bears the associated costs and risks and receive a payment from the public authority.

PPP Definition

The” Public-Private Partnership contracts “are contracts for one or more services such as planning, construction, operation or maintenance of a public work or public utility, or the provision of a service, including in any case the total or partial financing borne by privates, with allocation of risks based on the requirements of the EU guidelines and regulations.

The Public – Private Partnership

The ‚ÄúPublic – Private Partnership” (PPP) is set up as a form of long-term cooperation between the public and private sectors in order to realize public infrastructures and / or the management of services.

The Public – Private Partnership of services

Possible application fields of the partnership of services:

The Public – Private Partnership of building and management

Possible application fields of the partnership of building and management: