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The availability contract

The contract of availability allows a private entity to modify or construct his own real property in order to allocating it to a public service. The private entity bears the associated costs and risks and receive a payment from the public authority.


Some significant experience: SERVICES PARTNERSHIP: Foodservice management Kindergartens management Studentates management Social health residences management Facility Management Laundry and hire services Public lighting efficiency BUILDING AND MANAGEMENT PARTENERSHIP: Tourist facilities Foodservice structures Social housing Building and management of public offices Public lighting Water purification plants Renewable energy installations Biomass and biogas plants Hydroelectric power plants…
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Who we are

PFC is a consultancy firm specializing in economic and strategic analysis and financial business plan.

Services for Public Administration in the PPP sector

Support both in evaluation and preparation of a public initiative tender

Services for private entities in the PPP sector

PFC offers its consulting services throughout the duration of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) procedure from beginning until the day of the award.

The Public – Private Partnership

The “Public – Private Partnership” (PPP) is set up as a form of long-term cooperation between the public and private sectors in order to realize public infrastructures and / or the management of services.

The Public – Private Partnership of services

Possible application fields of the partnership of services:

The Public – Private Partnership of building and management

Possible application fields of the partnership of building and management:

Client portfolio

During our professional life we have constructed a varied portfolio of clients composed of both Public Entities and private subjects. Private subjects:                                                                        Public Entities: